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Our classes are suitable for ALL levels and abilities. We make sure to always include modifications throughout our sessions to support all members with achieving their personal fitness goals, whilst acknowledging that some members may need alternative options due to existing injuries.


Cardio workout to reach your personal maximum burn. Includes Body weight plyometric movements, muscle building and short bursts of timed exercises to help fat burn and boost metabolisms. A high intensity full body workout.

Booty and Abs

Designed with exercises that will leave you feeling that burn. Using glute bands, light-medium weights and high reps you will be on your way to tight toned core and a great shaped booty. Let’s grow and tone that peach!

Yoga: Vinyasas Flow

Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic practice that synchronizes breath with movement, fostering flexibility and strength. Sequences flow seamlessly, enhancing mindfulness and balance. Its rhythmic transitions invigorate the body and calm the mind, promoting holistic well-being.


Power yoga is a vigorous and dynamic form of yoga that combines flowing postures with breath control. It emphasizes strength, flexibility, and mental focus. This intense practice provides a full-body workout, promoting physical fitness and stress reduction, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a challenging and holistic approach to wellness.


Hatha yoga is a foundational and gentle form of yoga that focuses on physical postures (asanas) and breathing techniques. It is an accessible practice suitable for all levels, aimed at promoting flexibility, balance, and relaxation. Hatha yoga helps harmonize the body and mind, fostering overall well-being and stress relief.

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Fitness Club Coach

Introducing Victoria our new Yoga Practitioner. Victoria specialises in Vinyasa, Power, Hatha and meditation with a strong focus on creating a space for you to clear your mind, connect with your body and breath and live a life with purpose.

Her studies into the Yogic way of life brought her to Bali from the UK where she has taught and guided many students to a better path. She has a strong fitness background and her classes will provide a deep connection between strength of the body and mind. Victoria is qualified as a 200hrs Yoga Alliance teacher and Thai massage therapist.


More About Me
  • Originally from the UK, Victoria enjoys snowboarding, surfing, fitness and of course Yoga is her way of life. Her career started as a financial adviser where she found breathwork and meditation to help find balance in the corporate world, fascinated by the positive impact this had on her life she then conducted studies in mindfulness, relationship behaviours and supported mental health charities. When Victoria found Yoga, she found her purpose was to give back what she has discovered for herself through becoming a teacher and providing the best experience for her students. 


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