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Our classes are suitable for ALL levels and abilities. We make sure to always include modifications throughout our sessions to support all members with achieving their personal fitness goals, whilst acknowledging that some members may need alternative options due to existing injuries.


Cardio workout to reach your personal maximum burn. Includes Body weight plyometric movements, muscle building and short bursts of timed exercises to help fat burn and boost metabolisms. A high intensity full body workout.

Booty and Abs Burner

Designed with exercises that will leave you feeling that burn. Using glute bands, light-medium weights and high reps you will be on your way to tight toned core and a great shaped booty. Let’s grow and tone that peach!

Stretch and mobility

Start and finish your week with a class to help you improve you strength, flexibility, range of motion and balance. Improve your daily functions, posture and alignment to help you become a healthier version of yourself which will enable you to improve more in other fitness classes.

Core based yoga

A type of yoga that strengthens and empowers the body and mind. The practice of core power teachers us to communicate with our bodies and access more power internally and understand how our core works and help improve our alignment and stability. Classes are dynamic and bring benefits of stronger and more flexible bodies.


The class is focused on total body conditioning with high intensity, divided into five different stations including weights and equipment. Each station focuses on giving a different part of your body a good burn. You can use this session as a “Sweat-Fest” or an active recovery day….choose your poison. All fitness levels welcome.

MASTERS fitness 

An all round fitness class for over 50’s. A fun class for keeping fit and healthy. Including cardio, light weights, bands, balls. Overall we focus on improving strength, mobility and balance.

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Fitness Club Coach

Hello, I’m Imogen-Rose. I am qualified in Musical Theatre and am also a professional underwater model! However, my true passion is fitness. I’ve been a fitness instructor for 4 years and a personal trainer for 2.

Fitness has led me to increase in confidence, physically and mentally. I am at Paradise Bali to continue to help others feel confident through fun fitness classes!

It’s important to me to make sure we are all working towards our goals. I don’t take any excuses… YOU’VE GOT THIS!

More About Me
  • I’ve been nicknamed a ‘Duracell Bunny’, so expect my classes to be full of energy and good fun!
  • Laughter is guaranteed in my classes, but also remember you pay to be worked incredibly hard.

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Try one of our classes today. We also provide personal one-on-one training.