About us

We specialise in gym, CrossFit, healthy food and coworking. And do you know that our place is pet friendly!

Our Facilities

  • Commercial gym facilities
  • Fitness studio
  • Lockers and change rooms
  • Balcony pool
  • Cafe and co-working space
  • Functional gym
  • Crossfit training area
  • Sauna
  • Hot and Ice Bath

Hot & Ice Bath

  • Find rejuvenation in our Hot and Ice Bath - Revitalize your body Post - Workout. Turbocharge your recovery and bio hack your DNA with our hot plunge pool. Alternating between COLD (Vasoconstriction) and HOT (Vasodilation). Improve performance, increase longevity with our anti aging cold plunge.


Melt Away Stress in the Sauna – Relaxation and Recovery in Every Session. Open Daily: Monday – Friday (7am – 8pm) Saturday – Sunday (8am – 8pm) 

Our staff

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